Melissa has been instrumental to my health, my ability to manage chronic pelvic floor pain, and my development as an advocate for my own medical care. She's deeply knowledgeable and always seems to be adding to her expertise. Melissa's friendly and professional demeanor made discussion and treatment of pelvic floor issues more comfortable than I had thought possible. I cannot imagine enjoying the quality of life that I have today without her care.

 E.M. (pelvic pain)

Melissa has helped me tackle an issue I put off for years with a supportiveness, positivity, and kindness that I could not have imagined. Confronting my pelvic floor ailment was one of the most intimidating and scary choices I’ve made as a young adult, but I truly could not be happier with the outcome. In addition to being incredibly skillful and vastly knowledgeable about pelvic health, Melissa is a joy to be around. She has a wonderful ability to connect with her patients, and I consistently feel that she is rooting for my success as both a patient and as a person. It is difficult to not have a positive outlook on your treatment plan when working with Melissa — I am so grateful to have found her, and I truly look forward to seeing her each week.

— R.L. (painful sex / gyn exam)

I’m so, so happy I found Melissa. After receiving a postpartum diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse, I felt so scared, isolated and hopeless. After my first session with Melissa she made me feel so much less alone! I discovered so many others have the same diagnosis and that I could potentially live my life someday symptom free. Since that first day, she’s helped me find a home routine that works as a new mom. She understands that it’s simply not possible to not carry around a heavy baby and so she works with realities of being a caretaker to a new life while trying to practice self care as well! Melissa has a wonderfully warm personality and she truly listens (and lets me cry if I need to) without judgment. I am beyond grateful that I found her practice and would and have recommended her to all my friends who are pregnant and/or dealing with any kind of postpartum issue!

— J.M. (prolapse, postpartum)

Before seeing Melissa I was in a very hopeless place and ready to give up completely on my health. Prior to seeing her, I had didn't have good experiences with physical therapists and I often would leave sessions feeling worse than when I came to the session. I wasn't seeing an improvements and I often felt that improvement wasn't possible. Thankfully, I decided to give physical therapy one more chance and I started seeing Melissa in early 2016. There has been enormous improvement in my chronic condition and my overall belief in my own healing. Melissa is one of the most attentive, caring, and intelligent health professionals I have ever encountered -- and I have encountered many. She is totally about your healing, your recovery, your ability to live a better life. I am no longer hopeless and I actually enjoy going to physical therapy sessions. I have seen vast improvements in my health over the past year and a half. She's the real deal.

— R.W. (low back pain, endometriosis)

I was so grateful to be in Melissa Stendahl's excellent care both before giving birth and postpartum—I felt I was in the very best hands. Melissa was so knowledgeable, communicative, and supportive throughout. She helped me to feel strong and prepared going into the birth, and then helped me to heal and regain my strength after the birth. Postpartum can be a chaotic and uncertain time, and Melissa was a vital support and resource in helping me to navigate it, from building my pelvic floor strength back up, to practical exercises to help me care for my son while I was still healing myself, to helping me feel confident and secure in body. I appreciated not only her deep knowledge and expertise, but also her steady, calming presence and perspective. I cannot recommend her more highly. Thank you, Melissa!!

— J.C. (prenatal care, postpartum recovery)