What: one-on-one 60 minute appointments (appointments can be shorter or longer by 15 minute increments)
Where: in person or by phone

  • A consult is appropriate for anyone who wants to discuss their health and fitness progression, concerns, and/or care options, ask generalized questions relevant to their health and fitness, and explore potential barriers in their recovery and performance for daily life tasks and sports/fitness goals.
  • Private, one-on-one session to discuss your health conditions, injuries, concerns, and questions with a orthopedic pelvic- and obstetric- specialized physical therapist
  • Receive information on conditions and diagnoses, and how physical therapy could treat these conditions
  • For prenatal/postpartum clients, receive information on prenatal and postpartum conditions, what is common vs. normal, and possibilities of medical outcomes from pregnancy and childbirth that are treatable by physical therapy
  • Learn more about physical therapy – typical structure of evaluation, treatment, and programming
  • Receive personalized referrals and advice on what to do next if you may benefit from physical therapy or other healthcare services
  • Understand the importance of holistic care for a better rehab experience
  • ** A consult is not the same as a physical therapy evaluation. If you have consistent pain or dysfunction that likely requires a full assessment and regular treatment to resolve symptoms and restore function, you should consider booking a physical therapy evaluation. If you are unsure of this, you can email Dr. Stendahl (see below) to inquire.

For pricing and scheduling, please email:

Consultations for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

What: one-on-one 60 minute appointments (appointments can be shorter or longer by 15 minute increments)
Where: location of your choice

  • Learn how to incorporate rehabilitative mobility work into training plans or fitness classes
  • Learn signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction that could be affecting your athlete
  • Review special considerations for clientele based on their injury history or present injuries
  • Review special considerations for training programs for prenatal and postpartum clients
  • Brainstorm on training programming for complex clientele
  • Improve knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Collaborate on private or community fitness programs and outreach ideas with another member of the fitness and healthcare industry

I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you to improve health and fitness services in our community! For pricing and scheduling, please email: