Prenatal / Postpartum Resources

Reading Resources for physical & mental well-being

Preparing for pregnancy and birth

The Birth Partner

A respected guide for knowing how to support a new mother through the final weeks of pregnancy, childbirth, and early postpartum, for improved physical outcomes, as well as for a meaningful experience and positive memory.

Ina Mays Guide To Childbirth
The first half of this book provides positive birth stories, especially helpful if you feel that all you hear are the horror stories and what went wrong. The second half is “the essentials of birth”, describing the mind-body connection and how it affects labor, the power of the vagina, and more.
Your Best Pregnancy Ever

Written by a pelvic health physical therapist, this book offers succinct and easy-to-digest habits for a better experience during pregnancy and beyond by addressing physical health and preparation.

Preparing for postpartum

The Fourth Trimester
Addresses the time period that often gets neglected. A postpartum guide to healing your body, balancing your emotions, and restoring your vitality (taken from jacket cover). You can flip to various sections of the book, like a manual, as needed.
The First Forty Days

A beautiful book about the traditional ways of caring for the new mother, focusing on the first 40 days postpartum. Includes recipes with healing, nutritious foods!

Your Best Body After Baby

Written by a pelvic health physical therapist, here is an easy read about recovery postpartum. You won’t necessarily get this information at the doctor’s office, so you can use this book to gain a more well-rounded understanding of and approach to your physical recovery.

Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Programs

(online / web-based):

Restore Your Core with Lauren Ohayon is a “13-week online exercise program that is designed by a woman for any woman with core issues such as post-partum issues, diastsis recti (mummy tummy), sneeze pee, and constant back pain. This step by step program is designed to get you stronger, more supple, more balanced, and more able.” (from the website) The program moves at a safe intensity that gets progressively more challenging with fun and effective core and flow workouts, incorporating breathwork and strength into restorative exercises to correct core issues. She also teaches psoas release, an important muscle affecting spine and pelvic posture and mobility.

The Bloom Method is “the most cutting-edge pre & postnatal fitness method to hit the scene. We provide you with easy to implement tools, effective techniques + exercises, that provide you with a sense of empowerment that will last well into motherhood…we’ll teach you valuable tools that prepare you for birth, help you prevent and heal diastasis recti, pelvic floor incontinence, prolapse, and other pregnancy-related injuries…Our method is a blend of functional strength training, pilates [Lagree], low-intensity interval training, cardio moves, daily re-patterning and pregnancy + post pregnancy core-specific moves.” (from the website)

Local NYC Area Resources

Managing Overwhelming Moments with well-respected childbirth educator Ashley Brichter – offers childbirth education classes and workshops for expecting parents and also for professionals who work with prenatal/postpartum clients.

Love Child Yoga – a wonderful space offering collective support for prenatal and postnatal parents, including yoga, find-a-doula, and prenatal and new parent support groups.

Wild Was Mama – a store that also hosts classes. Also one of the only places that offer in-store baby carrier fittings and baby wearing classes – a valuable resource to getting the right carrier the first time around, to save your back and your wallet!