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Preventing Injury During Childbirth: #1 Tips from a Physical Therapist

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

As a physical therapist, my role in supporting labor and delivery is to help the client avoid birth injuries like perineal tear or pelvic organ prolapse, protect pre-existing injuries like herniated disc or hip impingement, and prepare for early postpartum recovery. No one likes to think of these things happening, but the potential is real, and the potential to minimize the risk of injury is also real. After all, birth is a normal bodily process, and knowing more about that process allows a person to cope better and to be able to wisely choose their options for their birth plan. PT can offer pain management strategies, techniques for pelvic mobility to promote the baby’s descent, strategies to help avoid perineal tearing, safe pushing techniques, and pelvic floor fitness. While I can offer all of these clinical strategies, one of the most important pieces of guidance I can give you to protect against injury is...

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